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A Wonderful CityKidz Knit! Day

Wowie. Sometimes I know I’m doing the right thing. Wednesday I had ten children in knitting, plus two adults came in as support as well. And my oldest girl brought me two presents, wrapped in turquoise tissue paper. One was tied in purple yarn, one in turquoise yarn.

The largest package was an earwarmer she had crocheted for me (she already knew how to crochet when she came to knitting class). Not just any earwarmer/headband, but one she had knit of purple yarn and embellished with beads tied on with turquoise yarn, and tassels in both turquoise and purple. Sort of little ponytails on the headwarmer. Very colorful, very me. Very fun! And warm! I tried to wear it at Foster for a while but it got too warm indoors.

The smaller package was a nosewarmer she made in the round, using a technique that is half knitting and half crochet. You pick up stitches on a long crochet hook and then crochet the stiches back in a chain of sorts. She showed me how she does it once, but I am not sure I could do it without assistance. This nosewarmer she embellished with tassels, thinking they would look like mouse whiskers. Very creative! I think in this picture they look like wings, sort of like a golden snitch from quidditch in the Harry Potter books.

OK, so the nosewarmer looks silly when I wear it, but this one is particularly warm and useful as well as fun. And it is purple, not the subdued teal I made my first one out of. It will be quite useful, I expect.

Several of the kids wanted to take my picture wearing my new gear, so I’m not sure who took this one. In any case, I hope I look as happy with my gift as I truly am.

Oh, and today was quite a wonderful day for the kids bringing in things they had finished. One girl had made a yarn doll last week and started making clothing out of yarn tassels for it. Today she brought in a box just brimming with a wardrobe for her doll, a shawl and a skirt and several other items. She was pleased. Just look at that smile. In this picture the doll is wearing a tassel skirt which is hard to see because it’s the same color as the doll. It is also wearing a knitted collar or shawl.

The next picture is two sisters on the left and sister/brother on right. The youngest of my knitters, the girl front left wanted to make a nosewarmer for herself. She took it home last week and apparently was so happy knitting at home that she knit quite a bit longer than she really needed to for the project. No problem, today she bound off and we added some yarn ties, and she had her nosewarmer. She was very happy, and she wore the nosewarmer out of the building. One of my dance friends told me later she had noticed this, how cute!

The boy at right front has been working on that square a very long time. He actually stopped coming for a while but is back with a vengeance. His sister tags along for the ride, but he is the one who really seems to understand how magic it is to make fabric from loops of yarn.

Today he was quite ready to bind off so we did so even though he didn’t quite have a square yet. This is the first piece of what will be a beanbag. He learned to cast on today and was still doing that for his next piece when he had to go home. He’s getting much better and much faster so I bet he will do some knitting at home this week.

The last picture is three girls who come together, at least two but I think three of them are sisters. The one at right was the one who made my gift. She also made a purse for someone special and brought it to show me. The middle girl made herself a very fine purse. It started as a scarf and a wristband I think. We discussed how projects can change in the middle of plans, and how that is normal and good to sort of “listen” to the item talk to you about its possibilities. She was very happy to have used a mother-of-pearl button that had been her Grandmother’s, to close the purse.

Aren’t these kids just grand??? I’m very proud of them.

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