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A Few Photos from Sock Summit

Priscilla Gibson-Roberts (also known as PGR in the socknitting community) has written several books (and patterns, and articles), including one book entitled Ethnic Socks and Stockings. It includes many techniques for making eastern-style socks (toe up, from Egypt, Greece, Turkey, many other areas, often very colorful). Priscilla’s “Ethnic…” book changed my career. More on that later, but suffice it to say I am grateful.

I took this photo of Priscilla (well, Priscilla’s feet/socks) at Sock Summit, during her “Ethnic Socks and Stockings” lecture. The “tabi” socks (split for a sandal) were knit by her. She had a pattern with that feature (two toes) on sale at the summit. Yes, I bought the pattern.


Anna Zilboorg (Pronounce Aaaah-nuh ZihL-bore-g) wrote a book on Turkish socks, a small eye-candy book full of more color than my closet. It is called Fancy Feet in hardback and Simply Socks (incredibly- which bureaucrat made that decision, I want to know…) in paperback.

Anna has also written a wonderful hat book, a book full of colorful mittens (and edging treatments for cuffs, and dyeing recipes for specific colors), at least one other sock book, and a book called “Knitting for Anarchists.” I took Anna’s “Turkish Stitches” lecture at Sock Summit, where I took this photo of her feet/socks:


These women LIVE ColorJoyfully. Isn’t it amusing that even the floor seems to agree that more colors are more fun???

2 Responses to “A Few Photos from Sock Summit”

  1. Rae's Aunt Pat Says:

    PGR has on a great pair of Birkenstocks to compliment those fantastic socks… After 2-3 years of foot problems, including foot surgery, I am such a sock and shoe person. Great socks and shoes are the best luxuries. Thank goodness I can knit!

  2. Karen Says:

    Wow! Great colors–both socks and carpet. Love hearing your news!

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