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CityKidz Sew, a Sunday Date, and Family Plans

On Saturday, I had a couple of my knitters stop by during computer time at my lab. Since I had only one child playing computer games, I had time to help them out. They reminded me that they had missed out on the two days I had worked with the shrunken/fulled sweaters. We brought out what was left of the sweaters and took a look at our possibilities.

They decided they would like to make bean bags. Fortunately, Mandy (the young woman at Foster who handles the craft programs) had some lima beans we could use… perfect because they are large and won’t fall out if the kids sew large stitches.

We cut out rectangles they could fold over, and therefore could sew just on three sides (kids are very big on speed, and they preferred to sew less rather than have symmetrical bags). I taught them to do a blanket stitch on the edges, which is a bit more secure than the overhand whip stitch they have used for other projects.

They did a nice job. One girl finished one of her two bags before they had to leave, the other was on the third side of her stitching. Since I am going to be gone next week, I sent the kids home with enough supplies to finish the projects at home.

A Day with Brian
I got pictures of the kids, but right now I’m posting this from Beaners coffee shop, testing out my new wireless modem that Brian gave me yesterday. I did not bring the cord I use to connect my camera to the computer. Fortunately, he had *his* camera so I could take pictures of us here.

We have had a wonderful day so far, enjoying the fact that we have the same day off for the first in a long time. I slept in, then he brought me a wonderful cup of tea while I woke up a little. I am not good in the morning, and he knows how much I enjoy a good cup of tea. He’s so good to me. He started that teakettle the minute he heard me stirring.

Later he took me to Gourmet Village Chinese restaurant where they have the best garlic sauce I’ve had! I had broccoli with garlic sauce this time, usually I get eggplant… and we got vegetarian steamed dumplings as well. Yum.

Now we are at Beaners. What a strange date! We are sitting at the same table, facing one another, but both typing away on our respective keyboards. We’re such geeks! I guess other people go together to movies and don’t talk for a longer time than this, so I should not feel too bad.

Today the sun is out and my eyes don’t even know how to deal with the light. I am loving it, though. Right now I’m sitting by a window where I can watch Grand River Avenue (the main drag through Michigan State University). The snow is melting but it’s mostly white (and brown) because there was so much of it to melt. You can see green bushes but not grass yet.

Tomorrow with Eric
Tomorrow I meet my brother Eric, bright and early, and we are flying down to see my mother in Florida. I will be there until Thursday, he is staying an extra day. I am most looking forward to the 5 hours we will be together in transit. I love my brother so deeply… he knows me more than anyone else in the world. In fact, he stood up for me at my wedding to Brian. I had a “Dude of Honor.” And why not? He’s the one who has always been there for me.

Unfortunately, we both are so over-busy that we rarely see one another anymore. We used to meet in a town partway between our homes, and talk until the restaurant closed. We have not done this in a long time now. I can’t wait to have Eric all to myself for hours on end! Mom sent us tickets (thank you, Mom), and she not only sent us a family vacation but she sent me the gift of my brother. I’m grateful.

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  1. Sarah Says:

    Have a safe and enjoyable trip, Lynn. See you when you get back!

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