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Lunch with a Four-Year-Old Girl

Friday was my first full day back and I had much to do. I first had an online meeting, then I met Marlene C. to fold Working Women Artists newsletters for mailing, then I went to computer Client #1 for a short while. I had time to go to Altu’s for lunch before my next committment and I had not seen Altu for a while, so I headed over.

I almost never get there at noon, but there I was. There were several cars in the parking lot and I thought for a minute that maybe I should come back later. However, I went inside because it smelled too good to delay gratification.

Charles, Altu’s brother in law, is her front-end man. He is host, waiter, greeter, food translator, and sometimes-cook. He has two preschool-aged children. The oldest, a girl who is now four years old, is one of my favorite little people. She loves me, too. We met at a wedding shower a few years back. We did not speak much, but we danced together for most of the party. She now calls me “My Dancing Lady.” Whenever we meet, she gives me the most enthusiastic hugs she can give. It is a delight to spend time with her.

Somehow she was at the restaurant during lunch rush. And lunch rush was busier than usual. That would normally be a challenge, as a child that age really does not sit still easily. But it worked out well this time. I sat in a corner with the child, and she got a little bowl of the same food I was eating. She told me about herself. She wants to be an Animal Keeper and a Librarian and a Baker and a Restaurant Keeper and a good handful of other things. She thinks Altu is the best cook (so do I)! We sat in a sunny window and enjoyed the time together. As an extra bonus, I kept the child busy until all the lunch tables had been served.

This was the right way to spend my lunch! This is the right way to spend my life, really. I hope you had a good day, too.

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