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Back to Some Normalcy

Whew! It’s Sunday. I had only one obligation today, to work at JoAnn for a short shift. I was glad that on Sunday we open a little later, because one extra hour of sleep meant a lot after that late night!

I was glad to be at the store, especially when I saw that the new Interweave Knits magazine had landed since last I looked. I love that magazine! You must know by now, that I don’t knit sweaters from magazines. I rarely knit sweaters at all, and the two adult sweaters I knit for myself (in addition, I’ve knit one lace baby sweater and that’s the total of my sweater output) I knit to fit without a printed pattern. Yet I get so inspired by the shapes, the colors, the yarns, the creativity in knitting magazines. And I really love the Interweave Knits magazine for artful inspiration. For technique, I love InKnitters and Cast On. But for joy of knitting you can’t beat Interweave.

I am trying to get my ducks in a row so that I can lounge on the couch with a cup of Kukicha (Japanese roasted twig tea) and my magazine. I am looking forward to much of it, but especially the profile on Debbie Bliss (I love personal stories) and Beth Brown-Reinsel’s article on differences in knitting style/technique.

Brian and I went out to eat again at Gourmet Village, because I keep craving their garlic sauce. They didn’t have eggplant tonight so I had broccoli with garlic sauce, which tasted exactly right. Now I feel like a snake who needs to curl up and digest for a while! The magazine is the perfect excuse to do just that.

Here is (finally) a picture of my Zitron Trekking Sport yarn socks (yarn purchased at In Sheep’s Clothing in Marshall, MI where my friend Sue is part-owner and where I met my friend Lili last month). This is my pair number 88 of handknit socks, since about May 2001.

I knit these as afterthought/peasant heel socks, top down with rolled edge. I used the formula I gave to my students in my class at Heritage Spinning, and these fit just right. I’m very pleased. Good thing, too, because the next pair I did with a peasant heel I experimented with a little, and I can not get the heel to fit well after many reknitting experiences.

On the yet-unfinished pair, I’ve knit 5 toes so far and three heels. Ugh. I was trying to do star toes (with six sections rather than a wedge) and they just don’t work well for me, at least in this yarn. So I have ripped once again and I am crossing fingers if I do the wedge heel (like a wedge toe but decreased more slowly) that the sox will finally turn out well. The yarn is Mountain Colors Bearfoot that I got at Yarn for Ewe in Okemos (wow, it has been too long since I’ve been there, and I have two gift certificates burning a hole in my pocket since the holidays). Great yarn, this Bearfoot, it’s washable wool/mohair in beautiful blues and teal. I just wonder why for some reason they are refusing to fit well. Back to the tried and true wedge heel, I guess.

I realize I’ve done a *lot* of knitting this year so far, but have finished only two pair of sox in two months. Ugh. That means I am knitting things other than sox, and single sox as samples for publishing, as well as having some “hiccups” that I have not had time to figure out. When I get stuck, I start a new pair. It makes sure I do not waste any standing-still time, but it means I may have more unfinished projects than I really prefer to have.

I’m wearing these sox right now. They are really comfortable and warm. The sportweight yarn is just enough thicker than regular sockyarn to be warmer. It did melt a bit yesterday and today (actually, it was about 60F today) but it keeps freezing at night, so we are still in for a bit more cold before the season ends.

Off to my couch!

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