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Dratted Technology…


I am able to receive emails no problem, but am having trouble (for almost a week now) sending mail. If you think I should have written you, I apologize. I think I’ve handled all deadlines, but thank-you notes are so behind I may never catch up.

Every single person who leaves comments… every person who pops by this blog, I really appreciate you and give thanks for you every day. My work is able to continue because of your interest, and I’m grateful.

I’ll figure it out. I’m dealing with four different domain names (colorjoy.com being only one) and trying to figure out how to configure my email program now that my Internet Service Provider has changed their mail system, has cost me a good number of hours. I’m closer than I was, but I’m not there yet.

I used to be a full-time tech. I was a Y2K consultant. I liked it, even. Right now I feel as though all I want is yarn and needles. (Or something else physical and tangible, like sidewalk chalk?)

This too, shall pass.


Photos? Isabel (age 5) and mommy April came over last week. We played with sidewalk chalk. Isabel took the photo of our feet. I took the photo of Isabel with the sidewalk. Notice her shorts are rainbow-colored from sitting on the chalk. I love that kid!

One Response to “Dratted Technology…”

  1. Vicki Elster Says:

    Hi, Lynn. I found out about some classes you might be interested in teaching, but don’t have an email for you…can you contact me?

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