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Bah, Technology!


OK, my friends, I try to keep complaints off this blog most of the time. Please forgive me if my frustration runs out my fingers onto my keyboard today.

It has been over a week since I was able to send mail in my Eudora (POP) email program. I receive mail fine, but can’t send. It’s frustrating.

Bingo Sock Striped Toe, to Rip Back

I can send in Gmail, but when those sent messages import to Eudora later, those messages get buried and hard to find (they all are labeled as From: Lynn rather than TO: Diana). At that point, I can’t trace my out box to see if I actually replied to someone, at least not in my normal way.

Stuck in a Happy Rut

In many ways, I am very creative and flexible. However, I have an attention/distraction issue that I work hard around. I have found ways/tools to make things work dependably. This is essential, as an adult who runs her own business without clerical assistance. When I find a tool that works, I stick to it like glue!

My brain can wrap its thought process around how Eudora manages information, and if it’s not in my Eudora program, it’s sort of like it doesn’t exist. (Just ask Rae, my boss and friend, what it’s like when I’m without my email… or just trust me on that.)

When I want to remember something, I send myself an email. I just “think in Eudora” after all these years. As in, probably 12-14 years using the same system.

This Stumps a Crowd

I used to be a full-time computer consultant, I’m pretty good at problem-solving. I’m stumped.

So far, I have read web pages at Eudora/Qualcomm’s site. I have looked around our ISP’s website for answers. I have spent 45 minutes with my brother, who was a web/email support guy for Comcast.net for years. I have spent one phone call with a tech at the web host. I spent time talking to hubby Brian who manages a different email system and knows terminology I don’t know.

In addition, I have engaged in SIXTEEN email support messages over the weekend (that is 8 from me and 8 from them). Of course, I used Gmail to make my outgoing messages work.

So far, nada.

A Temporary Fix?

I think I need to knit.

(Photo, toe of sock knit of bulky Bingo superwash wool, just before I ripped it back to make it smaller. I put needles into the stitches I wanted to retain, before pulling out the stitches I did not want.

That first sock is now about 80% finished. I needed something FAST without thinking much, and it did knit up very fast. At least when something goes wrong with a sock, I know how to fix it without sixteen emails…)

One Response to “Bah, Technology!”

  1. Diana Troldahl Says:

    The phrase ‘ I knit so I don’t kill people’ makes non-knitters laugh.
    If they only knew.

    Sending energy that:
    1st choice: the problem with Eudora is resolved
    last choice: if you need to switch email programs, you find one you like even better.

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