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A Positive Entry: Mom’s books


I’ve been helping my mom with a huge task… her life’s work is to teach as many kids to read as possible. She wrote 4 books to help them break through.

Mom and I have worked on getting her books into InDesign software (and then, PDFs for printing) so that we can print them for as many kids as we can reach. She’s very excited because this year, three school districts will have her books as resources for their struggling “little guys,” as she calls them.

I’m in the process of printing and cutting the 4th book so she can deliver them to the school districts. She already has books 1-3 ready to go. Understandably, she is bursting her buttons in pride and delight.

Right now, these books are not available to the public. This will change, and when they do become available, you will hear about it right here.

Meanwhile, congratulations:

Liz Troldahl, Author/Illustrator

You rock, Mom!!!

2 Responses to “A Positive Entry: Mom’s books”

  1. Diana Troldahl Says:

    I am proud to know you, Liz!

  2. momtroll Says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lynndy! I absolutly could not have done it without you. People have wanted me to have the books available to buy. I did not think I had the energy to do that. Now after two years of working on four little books, it is finally a reality! You got it on the disc for getting published. We spent hours and hours over the alinement, the color choices, the wording, the proofing and all that goes with it. This is after the books have had a long record of being used by the schools. It is like giving birth to a baby! I am very happy to finally see the end result. A big thanks to you. Love you, Mom