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OK, I Took an Online Quiz

I usually avoid online quizzes. For one, they often do not have answers I can even choose. After I got told I was brown Doc Marten’s I swore I was done with all that (I wear Converse All Star high-tops, anyway… I’m not a clunky boot person). The only quiz I have taken since, was a “how similar are you” to Annie Modesitt and it showed we were 97% compatible. Almost spooky, since we really enjoy corresponding but our design styles are very different. But I digress.

The sockyarn quiz actually let me choose licorice as my favorite sweet snack. Totally amazing! It didn’t have 20’s popular ukulele music as a fave, but had swing/jazz/unplugged which was in the right ballpark. I sing early jazz songs by You like fruity sock yarn. You love pink and being childish is inspiring you.Annette Hanshaw though I don’t like instrumental jazz with dissonances at all. It didn’t have turquoise. purple or fuschia, but it had hot raspberry or red and that was bright enough for me. So I got this answer, to “What sock yarn are you?” – Fruity. OK, it’s an odd word for it, but I like the vibrant picture.

I’m impressed, they did well. I’d buy that yarn, for sure. Wonder what yarn it is… does anyone out there know? It’s entirely possible they made the determination based on the color question alone, but it worked in any case and the questions were reasonable in their variety. That was fun!

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