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Spring Report Progress

There was no forsythia bush blooming that I could find today. However, I did find these two pictures in my friend Ulyana’s front yard garden. Aren’t they pretty? The ones on top at left are very tiny in person. The ones at right are hyacynths, normal size for that type of flower.

I noticed, too, that Dairy Queen is open. I figure if they are open, summer is close by. I really miss eating that stuff, it does not sit well with me and I may never eat it again… but there is something about dairy fat. It really *does* taste better than about any other junk food item I can think of. If you get to DQ yourself, have a baby-sized German Chocolate “blizzard” for me!

I had a good day today… started with more hours on taxes. They could be done already if I had done more work on my numbers during the year, but that’s how it went so I’m plugging away at the figures now. Soon, very soon…

I had tea with Sharon P. of Knitknacks today. She works for a school so had the week off for spring break. I spent the time with her, doing duplicate stitch on a sock that needed some patterning work (a la fairisle but after the knitting was completed). It was good to have her company while I did that.

After that I got a massage… aaaaahhhhh. Loved every second. I don’t do that for myself very often, and I was really having trouble with my back and neck. It really helped me. After my massage, I went home briefly on the way to my Ann Arbor Borders Books “Common Thread” group.

When I was home my bell rang. It was a neighbor, someone we say hello to when she takes the baby for a walk in the stroller… or if we all go to the corner diner at the same time. She thought maybe I was the one offering classes at Foster Center through Parks and Rec, and wanted to request a beginning knitting class. I referred her to JoAnn where I”m teaching basics at this time. I hope she comes!

Then… on the way home from Ann Arbor I had to stop and get gas. A woman stopped me to say she liked my ColorJoy stole. Turns out she’s a knitter. I gave her my little schedule sheet that I had printed out, with my knitting and music appearances. She might check out the Allegan/Michigan Fiber Fest classes with a friend. Could be fun!!!

One Response to “Spring Report Progress”

  1. Susan Ramsey Says:

    The flowers in that first picture are Siberian squills, the world’s best flower. They spread by seed and even survive mowing, so yards fill with great drifts of them, and being Siberian, cold doesn’t hurt them. INTENSE color in April in Michigan is worth everything. And check — even their pollen is blue. – s

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