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They Noticed My Mom…

Mom called. She has been awarded the Volunteer of the Year award, at the school in Florida where she helps kids learn to read. She has done this for years. She works with kids there when she is south, and then she also helps in Michigan when she can, at the beginning of the school year.

Mom helps them learn their letters, the sounds of the letters, and other important things like what a dime is, how much is it worth… and a nickel, and a quarter. She teaches them about rhyming. She helps them learn specific difficult words. She figures out what they are struggling to learn, and then goes after their issues until she can get them through the rough parts.

She is so excited to find ways to help these kids! She has figured out many good methods, and she loves to explain what she does to those of us who love her. I have actually sat in on one of her days in Florida before. The kids just love coming to see her, they don’t see it as demeaning or remedial. Once they learn a list of important skills, she “graduates” them so she can help someone new, and sometimes they are not at all happy with graduating.

She does it because it is in her soul to do it. She does it because reading was really hard for her, when she was that age. Not only did she fight dyslexia but she was legally blind and could barely see the words on the page. She wanted to learn so much that she kept on pushing, and she became a really fabulous teacher. She has changed the lives of untold children.

But no matter what we do, no matter why we do it… it is great to be noticed. Congratulations, Mom!

3 Responses to “They Noticed My Mom…”

  1. Mom Says:

    Thank you, Lynnie.
    It is special for me at this age to be honored. My vision was fine in one eye. It was the other eye that was a problem as I grew. In high school I got glasses and saw 20/20 until high blood pressure damaged my eye so that now I can not read with that one eye even with glasses. Many people get by with one eye and I am very happy for that good eye.
    This week one of my girls liked my necklace. “Where did you get it?” “My friend gave it to me.” “What’s your friend’s name?” “Fred.” “Oooooh, I think he has a crush on you.” “I think you are right.” Now you know why I love the little kids. They keep me going.

  2. max Says:

    Way to go “MOM”! It seems the apple does not fall far from the tree!

  3. Donna Says:

    Your mom sounds like a special person. I’d bet the apple didn’t fall far from the tree either!

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