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Catching Up

Wowie… I’ve spent several days focused on doing my taxes… doing them ourselves this year which is not much fun. I didn’t mean to ignore you guys!!! We have finished the paperwork, so now you have me back.

Tonight my reward for all that work, is to go to my friend Marlene Cameron’s home and spin a bit. I have almost not touched my spinning wheel since it was warm outside last. I’m going to try and spin my pretty wool from the Spinners Flock Sale in February. If that isn’t fun, I’m going to knit. Spinning needs to be fun or I won’t do it. Some fibers are not fun at all and I just stop, it’s too frustrating. I like spinning fatter yarns so I’m planning to make a sportweight single ply and knit up fat sox when I’m done. I’ll have more fun that way, and that’s my goal.

I realize I somehow never showed you a picture of sock pair number 89. It’s Heirloom Easy Care DK I got at Heritage spinning. Love the stuff. The sox are toe-up, peasant/afterthought heel, and roll top cuff. These are really comfy, and a little warmer than regular handknit sox. And the color! It makes me smile.

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