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Whoops, I’m Slipping!

I realize I have some photos of classes I’ve taught in the last several weeks, that I haven’t posted yet. These two photos were even copied out onto my web server and I thought for sure I’d put them out for you, but I find them nowhere. I am *so* glad I finished my publication deadline and my taxes. I get to breathe a little (although I do have the Haibibi Dancers’ show and workshops this weekend). I’m finally coming up for air and it’s lovely.

These pictures are of my CityKidz Knit! special two-hour session on April 8. It was spring break for most of our kids, and we used crockpots to dye wool yarns I had in stash. We did not have much, but I found one beloved bag of small balls that took care of most of the need. I had fourteen kids that day, although not all of them are in the photograph.

The first picture is me with my Kidz! Now I see why Brian always notices this sweater when I wear it… it is even more colorful than the other items in my closet. I love wearing it when I’m working with kids, though, they love color as much as I do.

The second picture is some of the yarn drying on a towel in the window. It turned out just great. About a year ago I had a conversation on Socknitters about whether the US and Canada’s food colors were very different, especially the purples. Two generous Canadian socknitters sent me some Kool-Aid with labels in French and English (which fascinated my kids… grape is “raisin” in French, apparently). I think it is true that the Canadian Kool-Aid has better purple. I didn’t have any of my old purple KoolAid roving to compare it to, but I remember how disappointed I was that it was nearly gray when I used it a few years back.

By the way, I have received two knitting-needle donations from you lovely folks, so far. I don’t have the notes here, though Foster Center will send out receipts so you know things have arrived safely.

One person sent a large priority box stuffed with canvas bags and needles. Another person stuffed two priority envelopes with needles and a bunch of bright-colored worsted weight acrylic yarns. Thank you both!!! And thanks to the others who have written to say that packages will make their way here. Even a few sets of needles really help us. With fourteen kids last week and fifteen this week, the help is really appreciated, and makes a big difference.

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