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It’s Seriously Spring, Folks!

Wowie, what a glorious day it is here! This morning we spotted a woodpecker in our tree, the first time I’ve seen one although we’ve heard them for several years. Then I went outside and saw that our periwinkle (myrtle) groundcover was blooming already. Everywhere, there are bulbs blooming and forsythia bushes in full golden glory!

Yesterday it was around 68 degrees F, around “room temperature” which is a little chilly for me. Today it is 75 degrees, which means it is actually quite warm in the sunshine, which thankfully has been out a lot today.

We have a very large squirrel enjoying himself in our yard (and on our roof, unfortunately). He has never been this fat before. He looks almost as big as a small cat, I am amazed.

Folks are pushing babies in strollers. Kids are riding bicycles (or they were yesterday, it’s still too early for that today because they are in school). Yesterday near Foster Center I saw a retired couple planting in their garden. Today I heard my first lawnmower of the season (oh, well… there is some bad with the good.)

The Habibi show is this Saturday (tomorrow) and our guest star, MoMo Kadous, is originally from Egypt, now living in Germany. I am delighted he can see my city this weekend rather than a week or two ago. It just doesn’t get much better than this!!!

My camera is out of batteries and I haven’t found the right battery in the first two stores I tried. You will have to get by with my descriptions of the beauty, today.

In knitting news, I bound off my toe-up afterthought-heel sox I started in Florida, and started the heels. I thought I would grow to love this yarn, which is a Regia colorway, mostly white with flecks of colors I really like.

Unfortunately, I just am not warming up to white socks, flecks notwithstanding. I may have to overdye these when I’m done so I can enjoy wearing them. They are too small for anyone but me, really, and the knitting is quite uneven on these for some reason, so I’d not really want to give them out as gifts anyway. I’m contemplating what color of dye I would like to use to overdye them with. Or maybe several colors? We’ll see what I decide when the heels are done.

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