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This Proves It’s Spring

Friday I saw spring everywhere. Our thermometer read 77.5 F outside and 77.5 F inside. The sun shone all day. I saw three preschoolers going down the sidewalk with their hot-pink hula hoops. I put up the hammock for about 5 minutes and had my first hammock day of the year.

But proof positive it is spring: My friend April (who is also a Habibi Dancer, and now my next-door neighbor as well) had her baby! Isabel was born at about 10:45pm Friday night. Everyone is healthy and happy. Daddy was beaming! I am so happy for them all. Sigh… that makes it as perfect a spring day as I can imagine having.

Tonight’s post needs to stay short… I got home after midnight Friday after Habibi rehearsal and other responsibilities, and I need to be at the Habibi workshop Saturday between 8am and 9am. Whee!!! Luxurious sleep needs to wait until Monday, I guess, since we have workshops Saturday and Sunday, and a concert on Saturday night.

Photos are from last year… me on the hammock in August, and the Habibi Dancers in our annual concert last year in April. I’m second from the right, in a ponytail.

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