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Summery Weather

Today (Sunday) I am going to be dancing all afternoon at a workshop. When that is over, maybe I will pop into the Working Women Artists if I have time at all (they usually meet 2nd Sunday but with Easter they moved to this already-too-busy weekend). For sure I’ll end my public day with knitting at Emil’s, with my few friends who go there. It has never been more than 4 people but it is good food and relaxing knitting. That will be fun.

I’m dragging my feet going out this morning. We got home at nearly 2am from the concert and cast party. It was great fun but I’m wiped out. I always deplete my physical energy from the push toward our concert. But this year we also have a 2nd day of workshops on Sunday and it’s hard to get up and go.

I looked out the door today to say something to Brian, and lo and behold… our grape hyacinths which came up in the last few days, had some sort of bee or other stinging insect, actually two of them, enjoying the flowers. Here is a photo, I’m happy with the way it came out.

Brian says the thermometer says it is 80 degrees F. That is downright warm, true summer weather. Too bad I’ll be inside air conditioned buildings without windows, most of today. Sigh… Enjoy your day whatever the weather might be.

One Response to “Summery Weather”

  1. Rob Says:

    Beautiful photo of the hyacinths, Lynn!

    Our grapes were up about a week ago, and I don’t want to cut the lawn until they’re finished–they’re so BEAUTIFUL. But the yard is now a jungle…..with purple highlights! (and a few dandilions)

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