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Two Days Old!

Absolute, total spring today! It got up to 83F! There were long lines at the Tate’s Freeze soft serve “ice cream” shop in Old Town, when I went to Working Women Artists. I saw a pre-adolescent boy practicing riding his bike without his hands. I got my first glimpse of dandelions. At this time of year they don’t seem like weeds at all!

But here is the ultimate: April came home with baby Isabel today. She caught me outside on my way to the Habibi workshop this morning. I stopped the car right on the side of the street, grabbed my camera and took a photo right away. I went into the house, printed it out and gave it to April in a matter of minutes. Aren’t digital photos handy?

So here she is: Baby Isabel, age 2 days. Isn’t she just as beautiful as a spring flower???

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