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It’s Time to Give In

I found this leaf on Tuesday, in Old Town Lansing, Michigan. It surely is a beautiful object, and I love the contrast of the asphalt road behind it.

I do not enjoy fall/autumn, much. Leaf mold is not a favorite, for one thing, but mostly I just have trouble staying warm when others find the temperature quite comfortable. It is worst when things get more damp outside. The colors in the trees do help me keep a balanced attitude about it all, thank goodness.

I seem to recall that Autumn is officially here, early next week. I’m working on enjoying the colors and the wool. Those parts, I truly do enjoy.

But we’re heading into LynnH headache season and “I just can’t get warm” season. For some reason, by the time we get to December my body seems to figure out how to keep me warm. In September nothing makes a difference; not yet.

May you notice the colors more often than the chill! May your rain be brief and the blue skies be brim full of fluffy good-weather clouds!

2 Responses to “It’s Time to Give In”

  1. Diana Troldahl Says:

    May you always have warm on your head and warmer on your toes!

  2. Lindy Says:

    Hi Lynn, You asked in a previous post how we found your blog. I first found you through Threadbear. Then you began popping in on some of the other blogs I follow: Deb Robson, Susan Tweit, Sherri York.

    I am a MI native currently living and teaching 4th grade in AZ. I lived in Salida, CO for awhile in the 90’s – loved every minute of that community high in the Rocky Mountains – (thus Susan and Sherrie) and have yarn shopped at Threadbear. I learned of Deb Robson’s site through Susan.

    Thanks to Deb Robson I learned about your toe up sox pattern and bought that plus the “toe” up mitten pattern from you. When I finish the pair of sox I am currently knitting (I’m almost done with #2) I am going to begin working on your Hot Waves sox pattern (as soon as the book arrives:) using the long single circular needle technique and knitting 2 socks at one time. One of my pet peeves is to finally get one sock finished only to have to start all over again and knit the other one.

    I love your sense of color and have been following but not commenting on your blog. I will now begin to comment and let you know how Hot Waves and that interesting technique works for me.


    PS – Lynn, you would be warm here in the Sonoran Desert where our afternoons are still over 100 degrees :) I only wear “designer” socks in the winter here and athletic socks everyday for my early morning run. The rest of the time I am wearing Birks without socks – just too hot for socks.

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