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Sock Pair #91

What a busy weekend I had! I have not worked at JoAnn in two weeks but they had a sale this weekend so I worked there three days in a row. I am rethinking how this job, which I intended to be a 6 week committment, impacts the rest of my life. I may not be able to keep it up much longer, but it sure is fun while I’m there!

Last week, perhaps a week ago, I finished two pair of sox in the course of about 2 days. I started them at least a week apart but I finally had time to knit at home and I finished two pair. They are both toe-up, afterthought heel sox. I love this design, it just feels good on my feet and is super easy to knit in public for the most part. Gotta love that! In fact, my pair on the needles right now is another of the same style. I may tire of this someday but it’s just perfect for knitting on the road.

This pair, my 91st pair since I started knitting sox, is knit from the yarn I got in Florida when visiting my mom. Eric (my brother) and I were hoping to make it to a nature sanctuary but it started pouring buckets of rain before we got there. We got into the yarn shop just as the downpour began, so we stayed and I looked at the vast yarn stock much more in depth than I expected.

I really did not need afghan or sweater yarn, and I already had so much novelty yarn I didn’t know what to do with it all. I ended up with a ball of turquoise eyelash yarn and two balls of this sort of confetti type colorway from Regia.

This pair got a lot of attention when I was knitting it in public. I thought I’d grow to like it more, but I think I just don’t like white socks. I expect that I’ll wear them a few times with the white background and then do some sort of overdyeing of them when I get time in the studio. I have not decided yet what color might best work for the overdye, but I’m considering my usual suspects, fuschia and turquoise.

One of these days I’ll take a picture of pair #92, perhaps tomorrow or Tuesday. They are the same basic design but look very different. They are green and blue Eroica, a sportweight acrylic/wool yarn I got at Yarn for Ewe. They look great and feel good to the hand. I hope they are absorbent enough when I actually wear them. I haven’t worn them yet, but I will report back on that when I get a chance.

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