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A Day Off

I slept in today (Monday), it was such a luxury! I woke up slowly with a cup of English Breakfast Tea, and decided to bake my Crusty Pumpkin Loaf as a treat (for what might have been breakfast if I had eaten it before noon).

Less than half way through baking the quick bread, Tony called. Tony, for those of you who don’t tune in here often, is my best knitting buddy. Lately we don’t see one another nearly enough. He works a full time job at MSU plus works at a bookstore on the weekends. I am busy Wed-Sun with different jobs. Fortunately, he works long days and thus gets a long weekend every other week. Today he had a day off. Of course, I invited him over for tea and pumpkin bread.

We had a great time. I am trying to solve a bit of a knitting dilemma… trying to make something look the same whether it is knit top down or toe up. Tony is great company for problem-solving, and I was happy to have his input.

I think the design goal I’m working on is very close to impossible, but we figured out a close match. Unfortunately, the solution we found requires sewing two tiny seams in a sock, and I am not very happy with that idea. It would not be where the foot would feel it, but who wants to sew a seam in a sock? One of the joys of socknitting is the seamless construction. I think I came up with a second solution that does not look exactly the same but is historically in the ballpark. We’ll see what my publisher thinks.

After Tony left, I spent some time outdoors weeding the yard (pulling the tiny tree seedlings which cause much trouble if allowed to grow). It was sunny and about 65 degrees F, warm enough in the sun to be pleasant.

When I tired of leaning over, I decided to look once more for that purple romney roving I wanted to spin, to knit along with the yarn I made a few weeks ago. I found it (last time I looked I was just too distracted by tasks to look completely).

I took my wheel out on the porch and spun about 2 oz of it, about a half of a bobbin. What is interesting is that when I found the roving, I found a 2/3 full bobbin of very thin single ply yarn in this fiber. I did not remember spinning that much of it. I do remember I worked on it several evenings and it felt as though I had spun forever without any reduction in the wool still to be spun. I’m not sure what I will do with that tiny ply, I”m sure I’ll ply it with something else one of these months, but it was far too small to work with the other yarn I wanted to match (even if I made it 2-ply).

It was a bit chilly with the wind blowing on my east-facing porch in the evening, but I put my handwarmers on (tubes with a thumbhole, they are warm without being in the way of fingers). I was a lot warmer, and the handwarmers only were in my way a couple of times.

Another spring first: I heard the sound of an ice-cream truck when I was on the porch. I ran to get my camera, but alas! The truck never came by our corner. It was the same song playing as last year, so maybe we will have the same guy again. I never buy from him but there are plenty of children in this area who do.

Before Brian got home, I took a lovely nap. I went to our bedroom where the sun streams in as it sets. I felt like a very contented cat, curled up on that bed in the sunshine!

This evening Brian and I are recording again. It may be the final song for this CD. He has a lot of editing to do, to make the CD polished and final, but it is sort of exciting to be at this stage of the game.

Tomorrow I meet my friend Marlene Cameron to fold and mail the Working Women Artists newsletters for the month. We really enjoy doing this task together, it makes sure we meet at a coffee shop once a month and we can chat while we fold. After I meet her I may meet another knitter for lunch at Altus.

And at 3pm Tuesday afternoon, I will be listening to the Flying Ukulele Radio Hour again. Brian went to a tenor banjo (4 strings) event this weekend and met two guys who play in a band with the DJ of that show, Uke Jackson (who we met last October in Indianapolis). It’s so fun to have a connection, a human touch, when we use the internet. I think it’s so cool we can listen to Uke’s show online. He records it in Pennsylvania if I remember right, then it’s broadcast in New Jersey, and there were a couple of hundred people logged on and listening to the show last week via internet. Brian and I were two of those.

It was a great day off, and tomorrow should be another good day as well! I hope yours is just as fine.

(Pictures today: Garden across the street from Foster Center… notice how green and lush the grass is getting; Goodie box from Heritage Spinning, in preparation for a ColorJoy Stole class I’m going to be teaching for her… I need to knit a sample stole. How will I choose from all these wonderful yarns?)

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