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Harvest Heaven

I have always loved cooked tomato dishes. As a child I did not like fresh tomatoes at all, though as an adult my tastes have changed. That is, I like fresh tomatoes when they are locally grown and recently picked. Aaaahh.

Once more, I benefited from friends’ gardens. I got a few from friend Marlene, one or two from Frances, and an incredible abundance of them from Rita, once more. Rita knows how to make sure her garden produce does not go to waste. She knows I’ll cook them all up!


Last Thursday at Rae’s late-night knit in, Rita brought so many tomatoes that I had to cut them up after dinner that same night and get them started in my crockpot. For a house with only 2 people in it, this crockpot is pretty big, it holds a 4 pound chicken.

I had so many tomatoes that I filled this crockpot to the brim. They came in three different colors: Red, orange, and yellow.

I actually have a few small green heirloom tomatoes (ripe but that’s their final color), but I did not add them. I like to put those on wraps and sandwiches where I can see their beautiful colors better. I still have a few larger red tomatoes, as well. I had more tomatoes than crockpot space, and I figured the final few fresh ones could become pica de gallo salsa or something else just as wonderful.

This chunky tomato sauce is planned for chili. It could still turn into something Italian (maybe add eggplant or other veggies). However, I have been craving chili and we have two cans of red beans ready to go. I think this may work!

PS: (Note added later) I did make chili and it was wonderful. It was just right for the first day the furnace kicked on.

4 Responses to “Harvest Heaven”

  1. Susan Gallacher-Turner Says:

    This looks yummy! I ate all my tomatoes and gave away the early extras, but I’ll be keeping the rest of them and cooking them up like yours!

  2. Diana Troldahl Says:

    we made tomato-free chili tonight, and it was delicious. (I am allergic to citric acid, but VERY allergic to tomatoes).
    We even wrote down the recipe so we could make the same thing again.
    Oscar and I are finding we cook really well together, combining our ideas :-}

  3. Irene Says:

    I love reading your blog, Lynn! What a good thing to do with so many tomatoes from Good People With Gardens Who Share! Being under trees, we have hostas, and no-one seems to want more of them! Cooking up the “excess” is brilliant – I will copy if/when I get more from my friend Nan. Is “Rita” the same Rita who was spinning Saturday at ThreadBear? That’s great!

  4. kathy b Says:

    Oh that VItamin C crockpot ! Looks like they stewed up wonderfully.

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