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Color Fun: Charlotte Skyline

I went to Yarn Garden in Charlotte, Michigan last Sunday. They are usually closed on Sundays, but it was the Capitol Area Yarn Shop Cooperative (CAYSC) shop hop weekend.

It was a gorgeous, sunny, perfect early-fall day. Charlotte is a lovely old town which is still vibrant. It is the county seat, and Yarn Garden is across the street from the old courthouse. (I took some lovely fall photos there about two years ago, peek at the photos here.)

I parked in the lot, sort of in an alley area behind the shops. I looked up and noticed the blue sky and the wonderful shapes the buildings made (right behind the main corner/stop light in the historical part of town). I always loved geometry and other angular visuals (hence my obsession with knitting zig-zags and triangles). I had to take a photo (just below).



When I put it into my computer, I really loved those shapes. There are a few wires, downspouts and poles in the way of really seeing the beauty of the shapes, in the original photo. I couldn’t stop myself…

In PhotoShop, I made a transparent layer on top of the photo. I drew dark purple straight lines around the shapes which were most prominent. In all but one case, I used the “eyedropper” tool to choose a color actually present in that section of the photo. I used the “paint bucket” tool to fill in that shape with the color.

I’m grateful that I saved the middle brick section for last. When I got a glance at the whole thing, one section before making it entirely painted, I noticed how lovely the brick texture was right there in the middle. I left it.

This takes less time than coloring with crayons. I like my results better, too!

Do you ever look at something in front of you and see something else, as I did here? I basically saw blocks, when I looked up. I’m not a painter, so I don’t usually think like this, though I often notice colors and how they influence their “neighbor” colors.

4 Responses to “Color Fun: Charlotte Skyline”

  1. Diana Troldahl Says:

    I love this, It would be beautiful framed :-}
    I also love my photoshop!

  2. Leeann Says:

    That is really cool! I’m afraid I don’t see things that way myself, but things like this post inspire me to try, if that makes sense.

    Also I think I saw you wandering around at Harvest, taking photos during Seth & May’s set? I was going to come say hi afterward but you disappeared before I got a chance. I’m kicking myself for not just getting up & doing it during the music, but you know how it goes — I was pretty enthralled with the performance! Hopefully our paths will cross again soon.

  3. Priscilla Says:

    That would make a very cool quilt picture.

  4. Priscilla Says:

    P.S. I often see faces in other objects. When I look at electrical outlets, for example, I always see two eyes and a rounded mouth, kinda like this … :o

    I’ll send more examples if they come to me.

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