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A Finished Baby Hat

I made a hat for April’s baby. It’s a 6 month size, but that will be perfect when it gets cool this fall. It’s the eggplant color I used for Anne’s baby last fall (darker than shown here), but with a different green. I love this green, it’s very yellow and sunny. The yarn is Tahki Cotton Classic.

This pattern is the Ann Norling pattern so many people use. I tell you what, the pattern is written so perfectly I am amazed. She could have made it a LOT harder, a lot more fussy, but she made it simple. It looks great, and the pattern is simple.

One great thing about this pattern is that it is so fast, and looks so great when it’s done. I started the hat last night after dinner. I finished it tonight before dinner. Less than 24 hours, with sleep and 5 hours of work in there as well. It’s at 5st/inch which is sweater gauge, rather than my sock gauges. I love this pattern!

One of my knitting girls at Foster today wants to make it. I told her dad where she could buy the pattern (I’m not giving mine up and I explained to her… a sixth grader… why I could not make copies). She has already knit on double points, is working on a top down hat right now, and is OK with knitting and purling, although this hat is just knit stitches. She has never done two color knitting, but it’s only something like 4 rows. Easy!!! She doesn’t know it’s supposed to be hard, you know???

I think the dad will probably go ahead and get her the pattern. She really does knit at home and they really support her in this. A childhood friend of her mom picks her up and brings her to Foster, and then either that friend or Dad picks her up when she leaves. They really want her to enjoy it. It would be great fun to have her do this, I think she is ready to finish something. She tends to have multiple projects, and some are pretty big. For a sixth grader that is hard stuff, they tend to like finishing things. She plugs right away, though. I’m proud of her.

Got more needles from you folks, thanks so much!!! Again, the secretary has names and I just have the needles, but thanks a bunch.

2 Responses to “A Finished Baby Hat”

  1. Sharon Says:

    I’ve never done two-color knitting either. Maybe this is a good way for me to start. I’ll be on the lookout for the pattern. Yesterday WAS incredible weather, and here we are today…need I say more? Michigan!!!

  2. mom Says:

    What a darling cap! I might even take up knitting again if I know of a new baby that will be arriving.

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