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Never Stop Learning

I am not particularly good at following crochet patterns. I am very good at using a single crochet or chain stitch to improve an edge on knitting. I can make single-crocheted fabric which looks good, and can even make things up from scratch.

But crochet? I have tried to follow a lot of different patterns. Most confused me.  The two exceptions were an amugurimi penguin with pink socks for my brother, and a bikini top for very hot summer days at home.

The penguin I was able to stick with the pattern from beginning to end. The bikini started well and then I changed the straps when I got to that point.

I decided to try again. I began a hat which starts with a star in one color and proceeds with another.

I had to rip out the star several times. We’ll see how it goes. Here’s how it looked after ripping the last time. I am doing better and will show more photos as I progress…


We’ll see how it goes. Right now, I’m feeling confident. However, it takes following instructions (I usually make things up on the needles) so I only let myself do a few rounds just before going to sleep at night. There are only 18 rounds but it might take me a while.

One Response to “Never Stop Learning”

  1. My Merino Mantra Says:

    I love to crochet, but I have found most crochet patterns to be confusing.

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