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Sunny and 80 Degrees!

Well, the weather is an artform today. It’s 80 degrees F and mostly sunny. There is quite a breeze, but who cares? I’ll be able to open windows in my classroom today. It will be wonderful!

I’m hoping to get on the porch for a short while today. I get out of work at Foster at 6pm so maybe we can eat dinner out there.

Brian is working like crazy on cleaning up our recordings so that we can have a CD to release soon. It is just amazing to me how much you can do to make things sound different once it is already recorded, just by making a voice sing notes a little sooner or later. And I swear, I had a phrase I needed to re-record (I didn’t think I hit the notes as straight-on as I wanted) but I can’t find it any more. He makes me sound so good!

Off to teach knitting. Thursday is the slow knitting day and I really enjoy my time with my kidz. I am there for 3 hours. Two of those hours are officially computer time but I often have more knitters than computer kids. They come and go so it can be like four one-on-one sessions by the time I’m done. I love those times when it is just me and one child. They need time with adults and I love time with them. It’s a mutual-admiration society of a sort.

Off to work.

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