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Handspun Coordinates

I washed my yarn that I spun this week, to go with my “sherbet” yarn I spun a few weeks ago. I’ve been calling it hot purple. Right now I want to call it electric magenta. The pic is showing it too light and not quite intense enough. On my laptop monitor, the multicolor is dead-on for color, but the solid is not quite right.

I think I spun it thinner than the multicolor, not sure. I sure got more yardage than the other. It’s more thick/thin anyway. I spun it a little more tightly than the first yarn because it does not have mohair for reinforcement (it’s Romney from New Zeeland, a strong wool used often for socks).

It’s almost dry and I’m distracted by other things besides measuring wraps per inch to see if they are the same. When I do check that out, if the solid looks too thin, I may wind off enough of it for toes/heels and ply it with some sewing thread. Or who knows, maybe I will knit with two strands of the solid… this one and the tiny yarn I found on the bobbin when I re-found the unspun fiber. The tiny yarn that was no fun at all to spin. Might as well use it up, huh?

For now I’m hoping that plying is not necessary. My promise to myself about spinning is that it will remain fun. I am not going to push for perfection in that arena of my life… at least not this year. Just fun. Spinning is fiber but not my job. I love that, because so much of my knitting is for work these days.

Marlene Osborn, the owner of Yarn for Ewe in Okemos, once told me that she also started spinning (I think it was last year) as a way to have something fibery that was not work. It seems that when you run a yarn shop, most of your knitting is for samples to be shown in the store, and other obligations. I really relate. There has to be something you can do just for the joy of it, you know?

Don’t the colors here look nice together? I totally love magenta with hot yellow-green. Funny how we are about combinations, really. I also do not like turquoise and red together… at all. And others really love that combination. Color is so intensely personal, it makes sense.

My friend Mary S. keeps encouraging me to knit with my homespun yarn. What is interesting, is that since I chose to spin this relatively fast, and relatively imperfectly, I feel more willing to use it. The sox I envision will be mostly the multicolor. I have too much knitting for work right now for me to start these, and I still can not find my ballwinder so I’ll wait a while and just enjoy the yarn in skeins. Petting them off and on will be a great joy. I can go for that. For a loooong while! But then I will knit with it. Because my friend Mary is right. What good is spinning if I don’t let myself knit with it? I need to allow myself the luxury of handspun sox. I will do it… but it needs to wait a bit longer.

It was a gorgeous day. I had only a handful of knitting kidz and they were great. When I got home, Brian and I recorded two more songs for our CD. Our big shows coming up are next Friday and Saturday. We are in Midland on Friday the 7th, and Davison (near Flint) on Saturday the 8th. We sure hope the CD will be ready then!!! He’s really doing a great job, so for now we are proceeding as though it will work out. Cross fingers for us!

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