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A Social Night, a Good Meal, an Art Fair

Thursday night we had dinner at our friend Wally (Pleasant)’s house. Brian has played music with Wally at concerts for many years now, but sometimes we go a while between getting together. Wally turns out to be a great cook! He made us a fabulous stir fry for a late dinner, while we talked and laughed far too late. Yum. It seems when the snow melts, folks connect again. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Wally (with Brian as backup) will will be playing for the East Lansing Art Fair this Saturday. If you’d like to go, here are the details:

Wally Pleasant
Saturday, May 22
12:45 pm (allow time for parking)
Stage West (northeast corner of Albert and Abbott)

Some of my other favorite local artists at the fair:

Joel Mabus and Ray Kamalay
Main Stage (MAC and Albert)
Saturday, Noon

Kitty Donohoe
Stage West (Abbott and Albert)
Saturday, 4:30 pm

The Treble Makers
Stage West
Sunday, 3:30 pm

There are other good acts coming in, but these folks are people I know personally. People whose music I don’t ever tire of hearing. Most of them are playing on Saturday, which is good for me since I’ll be at the fair that day (sometimes helping at Altu’s food booth… please be sure to come by and sample her wares). On Sunday I’m at JoAnn.

The East Lansing Art Fair has a history of rain, so do bring proper gear just in case. Don’t miss the good tunes, though. Come with an umbrella and sing along!

The photo today is a garden about four blocks from our house. We walked to the Fleetwood Diner today and I couldn’t pass this by without taking a picture. I love bleeding heart plants and this is the first one I’ve seen blooming this year.

It is interesting to see how many different styles of architecture you can find within about eight blocks of our house. This one looks turn of the century (like the front half of our house). Going north you find 1920s bungalows for the most part, going south you find 1940’s postwar cape cods. This house is west and only a block from Cedar street, a major connecting road from times when the interstates were not yet established. So in that area right off Cedar, you find older homes with the large wood windows (ours are oak) and nice porches… and with old gardens.

Our yard (I wouldn’t yet call it a garden) has climbing roses that are probably generations old, they tend to move around by their roots and then come up in slightly different spots each year. We also have a “snowball” bush and we used to have bridal wreath/spirea in the front until we replaced the porch a few years back. And there are peonies in several spots. All very old-style garden plants. It’s nice to have them come up each year with no fuss, I like that a lot.

I did plant nasturtium seeds out on the sunny front corner of our lot, and I’m seeing perhaps a dozen (about half) of the seeds coming up now. They have such beautiful leaves! I had planted there last year but too late for them to get established before the hot summer sun baked them each day. This year they are getting good rain right when they are starting up, and I am hopeful. I planted five Stella d’Oro lilies there at the same time, and three are coming up very strong, one a little weak, and one did not make it through the seasons. I think there are lilies I like better, but this type seems to thrive in areas of full, hot sun during seasons of infrequent rain. I wanted some sort of color out at the curb so I thought I’d try these… we will see how it goes.

Well, it’s good that we took the walk early in the day, because right now it is 2:10pm and the sky looks like the sun has mostly set. We have lots of thunder and the rain comes in big waves and then rests before coming in buckets again. It would be a good day to stay home and take a nap, but I have errands to run and a class to teach. I hope you stay dry and warm today!

One Response to “A Social Night, a Good Meal, an Art Fair”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Speaking of good music, we listened to your CD on the way to the airport in Grand Rapids on Wednesday. What fun…I sang along the whole way. Thanks so much, Lynnie.

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