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Joy is Mine!

Well, my car Joy is paid off, as of Friday. OK, that’s not exactly an artful life statement, but it may just be a creative one. I was self-employed the whole time I had the car payments. Feels like a big deal to me.

I still feel that this is my ideal car. I like it better than the Jaguar I rode in once, better than my uncle’s big Cadillac. I don’t want a fast car, I want a comfy one that is small (and cute) and has a standard shift and cruise control. Once we rented a larger car for a long road trip, and I was miserably uncomfortable the whole week. This car fits me like a glove, both physically and artfully.

I love this car. What I like best about it, which was a surprise to me, is the automatic door locks. I love saving two seconds getting into the car on a snowy or rainy day! I also love that it is very quiet on the road (I love driving on the highway), and it has a nice stereo to go with that.

How can I be so lucky? After all, I’m not working a “regular” job. But somehow I get this lovely thing. I have made some choices, some compromises, done without some things others consider essential. I did have to work for it, but this was the only car payment I ever had, that I did not grumble about each month. It was worth it.

My last car, Martha G., lasted 14 years and 250,000 miles. I hope Joy does as well. Martha was the first car I ever decorated with stars, which I did after having a dream I had done it. I painted Martha’s stars, eleven years after I got her.

I did not delay putting stars on Joy, she got them her first week with me. I wish I could paint Joy purple, but that idea will wait for a while, maybe indefinitely. That is not a simple thing to pull off. I’m considering more stars, though.

Now Joy is even more living up to her name. It was a good day.

(Don’t forget to come to the East Lansing Art Fair, and get food from Altu, and listen to Wally and Brian play music. OK?)

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