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Fibre Fantastics

On one of my lists, someone posted a link to Fibre Fantastics. This is Julia Bryant, a fiberartist in Toronto. She does Tunisian Crochet, among other things.

I still haven’t tried this version of crochet, although it really intrigues me. It makes a totally opaque and smooth fabric, almost blanket-like (which is no doubt why it is sometimes called afghan stitch). Since one of my primary complaints about crochet is that it is bumpy, and I don’t like to be able to see through my fabric in general, this stitch solves my problems. I once knew someone who made a lot of purses from this stitch, as it was firm and solid. I can clearly see it makes a gorgeous coat as well. I bet it would make a wonderful knitting bag or backpack, and probably would not require fulling/felting to make it dense enough to perform well.

Ms. Bryant makes wonderful coats (see picture), ponchos, you name it. She works with other techniques things as well. You might want to check it out.

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