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Radio Day

Tonight is the night! At 88.9 FM (WDBM, The Impact), we will be on the air from 7pm to 8pm Eastern time. This is the MSU student radio station.

The show is City Pulse online. Usually it is hosted by Berl Schwartz (from City Pulse) and Meegan Holland (from Creole Gallery). I understand that Meegan may not be there tonight, which is a disappointment. We really enjoy her company. We’ll have fun anyway, but it would have been even more enjoyable with her there.

I know my mom has her alarm clock set to go off at 7pm so she can hear us. She stopped by unexpectedly today and asked me to go to lunch. I woke up so late that I had just finished a large breakfast, so I told her I’d just drink tea while she had lunch. We went down to the Fleetwood Diner a few blocks away. It was very pleasurable. It’s nice to have her back in town.

The yarn I started dyeing last night is looking good as it dries. I did one alpaca/wool worsted weight yarn (sort of an ecru/light tan yarn, I dyed it with a teal, very subtle and pretty) and one large bump of loopy mohair, which I partially dyed with turquoise, and I’m going to overdye tonight with a second color.

I also dyed two knitted items (a pair of handknit sox and a pair of commercially purchased legwarmers), and those turned out very nice as well. I’ll have photos when they are dry.

In addition, I washed my new two-ply yarn that I spun Monday and Tuesday, and it’s drying as I type this. It’s polwarth wool, very very soft. It was sent to me by a weblog reader, Catharine H. of Redwood City, CA, last March (that’s 2003). I didn’t do much spinning this last year so I didn’t get around to the polwarth until now. I’m glad I finally did get to it.

Unfortunately, I have only about 140 yards of a light worsted weight yarn. I’m going to dye it (right now it is natural white), of course, but I don’t know what color yet. I don’t know what I can do with just 140 yards of super soft, super-luxurious yarn. Any suggestions? My best idea right now is wristwarmers. Perhaps I could use it in tandem with a commercial yarn, as well. Suggestions would be quite welcome.

(Please tune in tonight if you are local, we’d love to have your energy with us during showtime. Catch you soon!)

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