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Boring Photo, Exciting Progress

It just plain is true, that a bulky, drop-shouldered sweater is essentially squares. This is not particularly interesting to look at. However, it is the news of today, so I will post my progress.


I am maybe halfway through the 4th ball of yarn for this sweater. The program estimated I’d need more than 11 balls (which meant I wanted 12 before I could cast on… and I did have 20).

I have finished the back, and am now working on the front piece. I’m two rows away (80 stitches each row, thanks to fat/fluffy yarn) from starting my waist decreases.

I’m thinking, even hoping, that I will not need as much yarn as originally thought. What I will do with the extra, I do not know, but it would make a great shawl of some sort.

Getting Real

I did have to crack up, though, when I did the waist decreases on the first piece (the back). You see, I have an incredibly short waist but I have real girl curves. This means I decrease for above my hip, then I knit TWO ROWS at my waist location, before increasing again.

I just sort of cracked up when I got to that part. Any shorter of a waist and I would not be decreasing at all, curves or not! Too funny.

Learning Late is Better than Never

I remember when I did a lot of sewing, patterns would have an almost-vertical slope for several inches from the fullest part of the hip to the waist, and then another sometimes-not-as gradual slope to the bust. I needed less than half of the hip-to-waist space given for my own garments. My slope is closer to horizontal than vertical.

I finally realized that  the vertical distance from my hipbone to the bottom of my ribcage is no more than 2″/5cm. I did not figure that out soon enough, unfortunately, and some gorgeous fabrics were made into ill-fitting dresses that folded up at the waist. Live and learn.

Onward Knit!

OK… two more rows before a decrease. I am starting to believe I will actually finish this sweater in 2009!

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