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Grumpy Me.

I guess I “got up on the wrong side of the bed” today. (For non-US readers, that’s a saying in this part of the world, that I woke up with a bad mood.)

It’s mostly my fault, I admit. I stayed up far too late last night, and I had to be up and meet my Working Women Artists friends to take down the show we have had this month, at the East Lansing Public Library. I set an alarm but kept hitting the snooze button. I went out, without a cup of tea first, and have been grumpy ever since

I did stop by JoAnn Fabrics on the way home. Tonight I’ll work my last shift there on the cutting counter, and therefore it is my last day for the small discount they give us on employee purchases. I’ve been eyeing the “Surf and Turf” skirt that came out on Knitty.com last summer. I have tried on a zillion skirts and shorts to find one that fits well at the waistline/hip area. I had a really terrible time finding one but found a good navy/turquoise/white skirt at the resale shop 2nd Time Around in Okemos, about a week or so ago.

Then I debated what yarn to use, because the one specified is pricey and not available in town. If I could get it with my gift certificate at Yarn for Ewe I would be all set, but that was not to be.

So finally I decided I am going to forge ahead. I’ll do it, although I’ll make it a little longer than shown on the site (I’m giving thanks for my smallish hips today). I will do it with Bernat Boa in the blue/green colorway called Peacock. That was one of the yarns I used in the stole I made for my mother, and the color is more my style than yellow-green, yet still green enough to bring up the idea of a grass skirt. The yarn is a decent price for this type of yarn, and I can get it with the employee discount which made the deal for me.

However, this yarn is 100% nylon and does not have a lot of resilience to it (it is better than the polyester Fun Fur, though, plus it’s less bulky and less likely to mat). Thankfully I took that designer-yarn class with Margaret Radcliffe of Maggie’s Rags, and she said that often if you knit a lifeless yarn with a thin strand of wool, it really can give the body it needs. Fortunately, I have a cone or two of aqua and teal fingering weight wool yarns from the warehouse in Eaton Rapids, and I’m guessing the color will blend perfectly. If not, I have some black nylon/wool Brian got me at Romni Wools in Toronto a few years back, also a large cone, plenty of yardage for a project of this type.

I have been looking for an unusual and fun project and here it is, kind of my goodbye discount purchase at JoAnn! I know I will not wear the skirt very often, so I have to see this as more of an entertainment expense than a clothing item. Just the same, I think it might be very fun at a Ukulele gathering to wear a pseudo-grass skirt, don’t you?

I haven’t a clue when I’ll start the project, since I need to now switch gears to being almost entirely self-employed as a wooldyer and knitting teacher. I need to spend much more time in the dye studio than ever before. But perhaps before bedtime I can put in a half hour of relaxing grass-skirt knitting. I hope so.

Oh, my mood is much better now that I got home. They say that if you get out of bed on the wrong side, you should go back to bed and get out again. So since I bought the new Interweave Knits magazine I snuggled into bed for a half hour or so and browsed through it. (Did you see the wire and sequin wedding dress “sculpture” in the front of that magazine? Magnificent. And Annie Modesitt‘s bags with Tinker Toys for dowels? Very fun.)

Then my friend April came over for a short talk, with baby Isabel who was sound asleep and just adorable. I think this day will work out just fine… five hours at JoAnn and then a jam session with the Abbott Brothers band, getting ready for our performance at Altus on June 12. I can’t think of a better way to end my day.

Hope your day suits you, as well.

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