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Happy Birthday, Brian!

Today is Brian’s birthday. For a woman who usually runs over with too many words, it’s hard to pick the right ones today. Brian is more than a husband to me. He’s my life partner, musical partner, sounding board, anchor. He lights up when I walk into the room. He is just as steady as I am emotional, a very good balance.

I normally bake Brian a rhubarb crumble (dessert) for his birthday (rhubarb is a local plant that makes a very tart pie or crisp, you either love it or you don’t… and we love it). However, yesterday my Mom made Brian some, and today it is already gone. I didn’t think I would be doing either of us any favors making a second dessert in two days. I’ll wait a day or two and then he can have his second “birthday pie” at a more reasonable time.

Today we went to Brian’s family gathering near Grand Rapids. The third of many nieces and nephews graduated from high school this year, and there was a gathering to celebrate that. It was pleasant to see so many of his family members. I had not seen most of them since Christmas time. I thought it was great that we could see Brian’s family on his birthday. He really does enjoy being with the clan. I had a nice talk with one of his sisters about flowers and gardens, and that was one highlight of my day.

When I was talking to people I was knitting on a Fast Florida Footie and when I was in the car going there and back, I knit a swatch in Boa and a fingering weight wool, for my Surf and Turf skirt project. This will be great fun, but I don’t know how I am going to measure my gauge on such a dense and furry swatch. Maybe when I see Sarah Peasley on Wednesday, she might help me figure out for sure how many stitches per inch this is, before I make my grass skirt the wrong size. I would be really bummed if it turned out wrong because I couldn’t measure stitches. After all, you make a swatch to avoid that problem, right??? And this time I made sure to wash the swatch before measuring the stitches, a mistake that cost me precious time last summer (Sarah warned me, yet I didn’t listen that time).

But today is Brian’s day. In a way it was sort of ordinary, in a way it was very special. He is special in any case. (I don’t have many pictures of Brian, so I’m posting this one you may have seen many times before, our promo shot for The Fabulous Heftones. He looks so great here, I can’t do any better than that.)

Happy Birthday, Brian!

One Response to “Happy Birthday, Brian!”

  1. max Says:

    Ahh….rhubarb! We had a bunch growing on the side of our garage. What a Mihigan memory for me. Alas, I am one of those who don’t care for it. I think rhubarb pie was the only thing my mother or grandmother ever made that I refused to eat, TEE HEE! There is not enough suger in all the sugar beets in Michigan to make that stuff palatable to me. As always, I thank you for the fond memories of my childhood your blog always sparks! Happy birthday to your Husband as well.

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