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Busy, busy, busy

LynnH's embellished cellphoneOne of my blog readers sent me this link today: http://www.loop-d-loop.com. It is a very modern, urban, young knitting site. There is an overblown asymmetrical argyle sweater that is intriguing, and an oversized houndstooth, as well as crocheted hotpants. I don’t crochet and don’t want to add one more thing to the list of things I don’t have time to do, but the site was quite intriguing. I don’t like sites with animation, but I still stayed long enough to see a good number of designs. Nothing like a new view to make me feel warmer!

It is going to go below 0 Farenheit tonight. I put my wool out in the attic in plastic boxes yesterday but it didn’t get below 10 last night, I think. I’m leaving it out there one more day and then carting it back inside. I don’t have a deep freeze and am not going to get one for just wool.

A friend who has been a spinner for a dozen years says she just does the overnight in the garage (below zero) for her wool once every winter and she has not had problems yet (knock on wood) with moths. I’m figuring it’s much better than not doing it, but my back is tired from the hauling. I want to get the stuff back inside before any furry critters decide I have delivered them exquisite nests! We live in a natural world, as much as we try to sterilize it all and pretend we are in control.

I picked up stitches for the sleeves of a long ignored sweater today. Both sleeves have the stitches picked up and one I knit about 2″ or so on it. It looks about right. This is the sweater I worked with Sarah Peasley on, on New Year’s eve… and I haven’t done anything more since then. I did the picking up at the allergist’s office and the small bit of dance rehearsal when I wasn’t dancing.

Dance rehearsal tonight was wonderful. We are starting to get where I actually feel I know something on the dances we did tonight, which is when it is most fun. The beginnings of a dance are slow and dragged out, no fun… and watching others dance in preparation for a show is not very exciting either. So tonight I did enjoy myself!

One of the dancers just got her PhD and so is moving out of state to a new job. Since she is trying not to move everything she currently owns, she gave me three sweaters tonight. They all are mock turtlenecks that are tunic length, and two are incredibly colorful. The third is mostly black but an amazing wool/ramie blend that is shiny and fuzzy at the same time, with several colors of very large bobbles and embroidery. It looks like Nicky Epstein designed the thing, and I love it! No time to take pics of those tonight, sorry.

Someone at my dance rehearsal noticed my embellished thermos tonight. I just love using embellished items I took the time to graffiti! The color makes me smile even when it is this cold out.

Here is a picture of my embellished cellphone. Most of the dots are fabric paint, and they have stayed stuck for two years. I’m very impressed, since I don’t baby this instrument at all. It goes in the knitting bag with all the rest of my “purse” junk, and it is still looking good. The purple dots around the screen are actually fingernail polish. It stays stuck well but just doesn’t pop the colors like the fabric paint!

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