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Self Portrait in Aqua-Turquoise-Teal Yarns

I taught two classes at Rae’s Yarn Boutique on Saturday. I took a lot of yarns along in my knitting bag, some because they are part of current projects, some because they are planned for projects to start yet this week, and a few because I needed yarns for my students to practice upon.

I had seven versions of turquoise in one knitting bag. Here they are.


(For the record, I was equal opportunity for fiber content. This assortment includes wool, alpaca, silk, cotton, linen, bamboo, nylon, mohair and angora. I did have 2 other yarns in my bag… one multicolored and one magenta. Yes, I’m a bit biased in the color department! Turquoise makes me happy.)

I think this says something about me. I hope it’s good.

One Response to “Self Portrait in Aqua-Turquoise-Teal Yarns”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Here’s your Halloween picture, in case you wanted to see it:


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