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One-Day Neckwarmer: Gratitude

featurecowl2I have an advertisement on Ravelry right now for my One-Day Neckwarmer knitting pattern. (Rita, one of my test knitters, says I should call it the Half-Day Neckwarmer, bless her heart!)

I’m pleased with the look of the ad. Apparently Ravelry knitters like it as well.

I’m getting great responses on this ad (the percentage of people who click to learn more, out of those who view the ad, is higher than I usually see). I am very happy with this rendition of my always-favored zigzags. I’ll never be tired of Zigs!!!

If you are a member of Ravelry (it is free), you can see my pattern information page here. Ravelry is an amazing resource for fiberartists, where one can look up patterns, yarns, and designers to get information before purchasing or starting a project. Highly recommended.

Below is a photo I took of six of these neckwarmers. They do look better being worn, with that lovely flower-petal top. However, this was how I could get a bunch of them all at one time.

The secret, if you ask me, to getting these to have just the right drape, is to make sure your yarn is not 100% sweater wool. All but 1 of these yarns have something in them to soften the feel a bit. They have silk, angora, bamboo, cotton… something in there besides wool. The one all-wool yarn is superwash, which has a bit more drape than a typical feltable/shrinkable yarn.


The green/turquoise version is “vegan” which means it has no animal products at all. It has the green 100% suede-soft pima cotton T’ika by Mirasol, plus a textured bamboo/cotton/linen/nylon called Bamboucle by Elsabeth Lavold. The others have at least a little wool in every yarn, but also some other softening/draping veganneckwarmeranna300fiber as well.

The photo in the ad above (and top right below) used Malabrigo Silky Wool (a one-ply semi-solid) in teal, paired with a Noro Silk Garden (also silk and wool) in mostly pinks and purples. The top row of 3 warmers all used some Silk Garden for their contrast colors.

The top left also used Cascade Cloud 9 (angora/wool blend) in teal. The top middle lavender is Debbie Bliss Prima, a wool/bamboo blend. Bottom left used Cascade Venezia wool/silk in aqua with a Manos wool/silk single in teal. The red one bottom right used red Lavold Baby Llama with JoJoLand Rhythm Superwash for the contrast.

neckwarmeremilysmYou surely can imagine my delight that others like these as much as I do. I knit all but one of the warmers shown above, and have one more on my needles. The red version was test-knit by Emily, and Rita’s test version in blues is not pictured.

(Oh… added later. If you want to buy a PDF download of this pattern, you can click here to purchase the PDF. The price is $6. I use Ravelry and Paypal as services to help me provide this opportunity to you. However, you need not have an account with either company in order to purchase. You can also buy a printed copy in page protector from my online shop. The cost is $6 plus $1 shipping in US and Canada. )

Thanks to everyone who has supported this project. It’s heartening to see that occasionally my vision and your delight, meet in the middle!

Happy knitting!

2 Responses to “One-Day Neckwarmer: Gratitude”

  1. Marianne Says:

    That is so pretty and would make such a good gift too!

  2. Jane Says:

    They are lovely! I’ve made several similar neckwarmers for Christmas presents this year – except I cheated and used self-striping yarn! Yours are so much prettier!

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