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Plan A, Plan B, Plan C…

(Disclaimer: All photos today were not taken this week, they are from archives.)

The Best-Laid Plans

The good news is that I gave myself 2 days to not do work-related things. No knitting for pattern development or store samples. No showing up at a yarn shop (I do that a lot, and did even more about a week ago).

Thursday we cooked then had Brian’s family gathering. I took 2 projects to knit. One was not a sure thing (blue mohair sweater which measures fine but sure seems huge even to me).

Plan A, stalled

mohairsweaterB50I knit a collar on it that I do like, but the sweater seems too wide at the shoulder. Will rest on that and figure out what to do.

This sweater is intended to replace one I wore out. Last I measured, it looked the right size. However, the fabric on the new sweater is thicker and less flexible than the original.

It’s not looking right. I may rip her out down to the waist, though there are other solutions as well (one being to cut the knitted fabric, which I am willing to do if it’s the right answer).

Plan B, Needs Ripping

scrapbagfingeringyarns400The other project (a felted bag) seemed innocuous, but I found a pretty big mistake in it and just set it down for a while. Must rip, there is no other way to fix it… and I’ve already ripped that one a huge amount once already. Sigh.

Eternal Optimism, Try A Again…

So on Friday, determined not to do work knitting, I started on a sleeve for the mohair sweater. It is even looking more huge than it did yesterday. Must stop. Optimism will not fix a bad fit.

SO… I went into my UFO/Unfinished Object stash. This is a box and a half of balls o’yarn and partly knit items, stuffed into plastic bags. Oh, my!

In Search of Plan C

scraps5The box has some things in it I have allowed to rest for long enough you could call it hibernation. There are two tank tops in there in varying stages, neither half finished. There is a shawl I started but don’t like enough to finish, but I really don’t want to rip it out. Must figure out what I can make out of the already-knit part.

There is another shawl, fun and lovely, but which requires far too much paying attention for today. It would be perfect in-the-car knitting on the way to a performance up north, perhaps. Not today on the couch.

There is a project I’ll give to a friend when it’s done, a small project but boring yarn. I see a good number of socks in progress, many started to test a pattern I wrote. When the pattern gets released, I don’t always get back to finishing those pairs.

miteredtopyarnpile400I also have a mitered-square tank top sitting there. It’s pretty tempting. However, at this point, after dinner on a holiday/vacation, I think I want something more immediate. After two losing propositions, I need a bit of immediate encouragement.

Something Small & Simple

But then I found a tiny bag with a largish ball of yarn and two rather small socks in it. The socks turn out to be footies/low-cuff tennis socks, finished except for two afterthought heels. For me. This means small. Yippee!

pileosocks33I guess I know what I’ll knit next. Now off to get a good cup of hot tea and refill my hot water bottle with hot water to keep my feet warm. Couch, here I come!

One Response to “Plan A, Plan B, Plan C…”

  1. Diana Troldahl Says:

    I had fun today knitting a neckwarmer that morphed (with some crocheted lace) into a frilly collar/cowl.
    Now I am spending the evenign reading.

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