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The Real Story

You deserve some content. Some real content.

I don’t have project photos right now, though some things I’m working on are looking promising. Not much is finished that you have not seen already.

funnelyarnHowever, the other truth is that some things I’ve knit lately have gone in such a way that I had to stop or rip them out. That’s life, and it happens to me rarely. It’s just hitting more often than usual right now.

My Maxi ZigBag that I already had to rip out (and I mean thousands of stitches, many square inches) one time… I started again. And knit just a little, and then realized I had to rip it again. We’re talking mistakes that can not be fudged.

I do enjoy the knitting of this. however, I know that I need to do the first several rows of a colorwork project without people around me. I broke that guideline and I will rip a second time because of it.

The turquoise mohair sweater? I knit front and back, sewed together, knit a collar and part of a sleeve. It fits from the armhole down. TOO big and the fabric too thick above that part. Must rip back and reknit a slightly less wide shoulder/bust area. Then collar, then sleeves. I’m working on work knitting right now, so that needs to wait until holidays kick in and I don’t have classes to teach.

scraps5Saturday night I went to a gathering where there were a LOT of knitters. I tried to cast on. Counted wrong. Did it again, got it right.

Then knit 3/4 of a round with the yarn tail rather than the working yarn. Tinked (took out one stitch at a time). Knit with tail again. Tinked again.

Started knitting again. Realized that I’d picked the main color rather than the contrast color, which was what I should have cast on with.

So I cast on with the right color. And before I finished all 88 stitches, it was time to go home!!!

So I have been knitting, but there is precious little to show here right now. I’m around, but busy.

Meanwhile I thank you all deeply for reading my blog and for being an important part of my life. Happy December.

(Photos? Not current, but they looked messy enough to accompany this sad story.)

One Response to “The Real Story”

  1. Rachel Says:

    I know what you mean Lynn. I had a flurry of finishing around here and now concerned that there won’t be anything appropriate to knit when I have time. I have a garter based scarf almost finished and 2 different socks for me. Both socks are stuck at the gussets trying to get them long enough to fit without messing up the rest of the heel. Both have already been ripped back to the gusset once so I don’t really consider them travel-able knitting. Hopefully I can cast on a hat or mittens today or tomorrow to have another project to carry.
    I finally finished my colorful (for me) shawl and have been wearing it a lot around the house. I finally posted some pics on Ravelry.

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