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Facing Reality

Every year this happens to me… I pretend during the first few weeks in December that I’m all set with Christmas, that I have no gifts or whatever to worry about. Yeah, right.

Then I remember that there are people who I’ll see and who will buy or make things for me. Probably little things, no big deal, but that means I need to deal with my end.

Once upon a time, I had a lot of folks to gift. I had a long list, kept notes on what I might present each of them with, and started buying 1 or 2 gifts each paycheck starting in October or so. I actually did enjoy this process, but those also were days of credit cards. I didn’t enjoy my debt payments, at all.

I have not had any credit cards since 1991. Things in my life have shifted several times since then, but I can not tell you how grateful I am to live in the moment.

I plan ahead more than in the past, though I’ll never be a great long-term planner. However, I don’t worry how to take care of payment obligations, either.

I love making gifts. I love thinking of someone while I make that something for them. But making takes time. As in, planning.

The first year I knit socks, I gifted many pairs of handknit socks to loved ones. I can’t do that any more, my knitting time is for my business most often.

However, in the last few years, I’ve enjoyed knitting small socks which can be used as Christmas Tree Ornaments. They can be made with favorite yarns, left over from memorable projects. I’ve also knit small hearts (above), and once a tiny sweater. Fun!

But even mini knitting takes time, right? And Friday I see some people I don’t see nearly enough anymore. And I haven’t started knitting ornaments (which is what I’ve determined to do). Time to “get out the pointy sticks and Cast On!!!”

Photos: Knitted heart ornament I made in 2007. Knitted sock keychains/ornaments on mini sock blockers, from 2006. Wonder what I’ll do this year?

One Response to “Facing Reality”

  1. Mom Says:

    I love my keychain sock and now I know how long I have had it.

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