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Come On, Sun!

sunhappyMore Light?

My brother has a T-shirt appropriate to this week. It says something like “Sun: The Comeback Tour.”

According to one calendar, Monday is the first day of  Winter. This theoretically means our sunshine will be with us for a little longer every day starting on Tuesday? Or something close to that.

I’m ready. I miss July something fierce. I guess a week ago in Florida, it was in the 80’s F (for non-US folks, think Summer/July/August, sleeveless dresses, swimming pools). Then overnight, it was in the 60’s. Ugh.

However, here it is hovering just around freezing, making for very dangerous surface roads and bridges/highway overpasses. Just about a week ago, we had a lot of snow in Michigan (not as much in Lansing as in Grand Rapids, but plenty spread around). It is finally real winter weather here.

Holidays Continue

We had a lovely day with Brian’s family in Grand Rapids Sunday. The highway was clear but in places you could not tell if it was dry, moist, or black ice. We got there and back safely, but did not drive any faster than we thought was safe.

Cautious Travel, but Travel

I guess we must have gray hair now, because fast does not sound like a good option when there is any chance of spinning out. We have done that enough times for a lifetime (once is too many if you ask me). No chances taken here, beyond venturing out. Let’s face it, we can get hurt even at home… so staying here would provide no guarantee.

But I propose a toast (with hot chocolate, topped with organic whipped cream) to the sun! Come home, friend, we miss you!!!

One Response to “Come On, Sun!”

  1. Susan Gallacher-Turner Says:

    I know what you mean. Where I live it’s been cloudy, rainy and dark, thank goodness for all those twinkling white lights up my stairway and around my tree!!

    I loved you comments on my blog on the holidays. It really inspired me to make some changes this year. Thanks!
    Susan Gallacher-Turner

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