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Ready for a Rest

Holiday Exhaustion

I have spent effort to keep my holidays “lite” for several years now. This year has been the best ever. My family gathering was around Halloween. Then we had a rather low-key Thanksgiving, and the Christmas parties started around December 8.

We just finished our last party on Sunday. I did not commit to any gift knitting, though I knit a few tiny socks and one tiny mitten as ornaments. Holidays lite.


So why am I without enough sleep? I’m so groggy I am confused about what day it is, what hour it is. I have no kids, no baking to do. Our tree is up (without ornaments) and I may or may not decorate it, I like the tinsel tree just by itself.


Painting Developments: Good

The good news? I think we figured out what is going to work as a decorative “basket” border at Altu’s new space. I was there just a short while today, doing another mock-up on brown paper, to tape to the wall and see how it looks from a distance.

I think I can paint Tuesday, because I think this design will work. I may not finish, but I believe I can make a good stab at it.

My Hat Pattern, You Ask?

So here I am at home tonight, knitting “like the wind” as Brenda Dayne of Cast-on podcast would say. I just finished the final test/proof knit of my Keys & Coins hat, at least the hat part. I still need to test the ear flap directions (I’m not the only one testing, for the record).

So now I have some minor editing to the pattern text as it’s currently written. I need to make flaps. I need to take photographs (which is best accomplished during daylight, hard to do on the shortest day of the year).

It is exciting, though. I took a sample hat with me to a Christmas gathering on Sunday. The folks there who knit, were quite excited about my design. It was fun to see how others do “get” what I am also passionate about.

Aiming for Sleep

And with that, a few edits, then some sleep. Altu’s restaurant needs me soon.

Photo: Rainbow version of Keys & Coins hat, this is a small size. The multicolored/main yarn is Crystal Palace Mochi Plus in a rainbow colorway, and Berroco Lustra in turquoise is the solid.

3 Responses to “Ready for a Rest”

  1. Priscilla Says:

    Beautiful colors! I want this hat. :)

  2. Irene Says:

    Terrific hat and the colours are so fine! That would certainly chase any of those cold-and-grey-day blues away, Lynn! Waiting for the ear flaps…
    X O Irene

  3. Susan Gallacher-Turner Says:

    What a beautiful hat…congrats on your new creation! So even though your holidays are happy and lite…your creative juices are getting a work out! Remember to give yourself the gift of ‘time’ to rest and recharge those artistic batteries.

    Susan Gallacher-Turner

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