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No More Comment Feature

Well, in the last day and a half, I have received 1200 spam comments to my weblog. Most of them are advertising drugs of some sort, some are sexual in nature. I had something between 500 and 600 comments, in the last year and a half combined. Then I got 1200 in not even two days. I got so many, it would have been very easy to miss a legitimate note from one of you wonderful readers. It makes me just ill.

I had to do it: I removed the link from the weblog that let you click to comment. I’m really bummed. As it is, I get fewer than one comment per entry. Now folks will have to go out of the way to switch to their email program and type in one of my email addresses (Lynn AT ColorJoy DOT com) to send me a comment. Just because someone figured out how to write a computer program to send me spam faster than I can delete it.


One Response to “No More Comment Feature”

  1. Brian Hefferan Says:

    I think I got maybe all the spams out of the Colorjoy comment database and off this site, and I tweaked a few things to make it harder for future potential spammers. Comments have been turned on again. Let me know if anyone finds a spam I missed, or if a new one appears.

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