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ColorJoy Stole Kits are Up!!!

Well, my friends… it was a long haul for some reason, but I have eleven unique, one-of-a-kind ColorJoy Stole Kits up for sale on my Fiber/Yarn site. These all include five or six yarns, some of them handpainted by me, some of them handspun by me, all beautiful and ready to make a glorious stole!!!

And here is the scoop, for those of you who read my weblog to hear first: I am having a special offer. Anyone who buys over $60 USD of any ColorJoy/LynnH merchandise, whether it be yarn, patterns, kits, roving or books… they will get a free CD of The Fabulous Heftones, entitled Moon June Spoon. The CD is a value of $15 USD.

This offer is good until August 6 (paid by that date). I will be taking my Goddaughter, Sara, on a trip east on August 9 and will be unable to ship for a while (Brian will be home but he emphatically is not my employee). So get it while the getting is free!

Or don’t, and just keep reading. Just the fact that you are out there is wonderful to me.

Thank you once again, each and every wonderful one of you… for reading my ramblings here. I love writing and it is very rewarding to know you are out there reading. You make my life better, thanks.

One Response to “ColorJoy Stole Kits are Up!!!”

  1. Charlotte Says:

    I’d love to order one of your stole kits but I don’t do Paypal and can’t really justify another stole/shawl type project. I have a Pi-R-Square shawl, am just finishing up a Charlotte’s Web, and have Forest Path one waiting to be cast on. The irony of all this is that I seldom wear a shawl or stole because I’m so well insulated that I don’t normally get cold when inside. Woe is me. The sacrifices we make for being sensible.

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