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What to Say?

My life is very full, but I seem to be tongue-tied here lately. I have joked for years that “I have never run out of words.” I guess my fingers run out even when my voice does not.

I had a good amount of time off during holidays. I had 21 days without teaching, though I worked my pattern design/sales business, and did a lot of administrative work then.

I have been knitting like a crazy woman. Nothing is very important-looking as a rule, but it makes me very happy. I finished four pairs of wristwarmers, including working in the yarn ends, on Monday night. Two of those pairs were knit entirely in January.

I also finished in yarn ends for a pair of anklewarmers. They started out as armwarmers but at a loose gauge, and in washable wool. I like them enough as ankle warmers (perfect under pajama pants for lounging at home) that I’m keeping them just as they are.

You know, talking about the objects is not as fun as the stories behind them. I’m typing this without project photos. However, the largest “wristwarmers” are nearly armwarmers, for a big guy with a big heart… who is a musician, and a friend.

Paul (my friend) is the “squeezebox” player in the photo here. His friend shown behind him is the late Phil Wintermute.

Paul loves to go into the woods all year, and pick edible things (and just observe, as well). He alternates between mushrooms, berries, roots, whatever he finds. This man knows much about nature.

I asked if he could use wristwarmers (while picking edibles) once, when I was making some for me. He was enthusiastic. I decided to unravel a partly-knit footie in bulky yak/wool yarn, and knit him warmers from the 2 balls of that yarn I owned. I used nearly every inch of that yarn, one ball per warmer. My friend Paul will be warmer, now.

I made yet another pair for my friend Brandi, who works outdoors as a wildlife biologist. She gets wet and cold while doing field work and research on diseases such as rabies. I see her in more cozy environments, such as Gone Wired Cafe’ on the East Side (where this photo of us was taken). Photo is me, Brandi, Isabel, and April. Sort of a girl-family of choice, if you will. You just saw Isabel’s new wristwarmers recently, here.

She saw Paul’s pair and got rather excited about that idea. Hers took half the yarn of Paul’s, and I finished them in no time. Now I just have to try and connect with her, when she is not out in a field with deer and raccoons and the like.

I made a different pair of wristwarmers for a friend who is allergic to some fibers. She will enjoy these.

I made a pair for me. These I’ve worked on in fits and starts for over a year. It’s Zealana merino/New Zeeland Possum yarn. It’s soft, and airy, and fluffy… and turquoise. I’ve never had such luxurious wristwarmers, and I’ve knit a LOT of warmers.

I realized when I had all those ends worked in, that I had a table full o’tubes. I then really got the impact of that pile. I just LOVE knitting tubes. Happiness for Lynn, is knitting around and around on double-pointed needles. The less interruption, the better. LOVE.

This is great information for me to understand. Know thyself, right?

I cast on right away. For a neckwarmer. Another tube. I’m happy.

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  1. Diana Troldahl Says:

    Sounds like it might be time for a book :-}

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