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Lovely Little Things: Gifts & Barbara Winter’s Book

I followed a link today and found myself reading about an experiment where people took a $100 gift and used it to creatively make a difference, a smile, a connection. It’s much deeper than all that, and I encourage you to read the post here:

Seeing How Far $100 Can Go

booknojobwholeI found this link, thanks to a referral from Barbara Winter, known as @Joblessmuse on Twitter. She wrote a book titled “Making a Living without a Job” which I read years ago.

I have read it over and over, even when I was still an employee. (My book has a 1993 date in it.) I guess I just knew where I was going, but her book helped me see that it could really work.

One need not train for a job where there are millions of positions available in the world. One might make income on very special things which make their own talents really sing.

For example, I have made/sold over 150 “Hershberger Art Kazoos” (including the one I sold to hubby Brian, one year before we started dating). And in April a few years back, I was flown to Dallas to teachTurkish Socks, Toe-Up Socks and Polymer Clay buttons, for the Dallas-Ft. Worth Fiber Festival. I don’t know anyone else teaching Turkish Sock design right now, though Priscilla Gibson-Roberts and Anna Zilboorg have both written books on the topic.

Why not be the only Kazoo artist or one of a handful of Turkish Socknitting teachers? I don’t need to be an accountant or secretary to pay my bills. I *do* have to work, and I *do* have bosses (they are my clients). But I adore what I do and my bosses are lovely.

Barbara’s sane but new-to-me ideas changed my inner world first, my outer world now (I have been self employed for 10 years). You might like to check out her website here:


Thank you, Barbara! Your book changed my life. Much appreciated.


3 Responses to “Lovely Little Things: Gifts & Barbara Winter’s Book”

  1. Chelle Says:

    Thanks for the book recommendation. I’m glad to know what book inspired you to take such a career risk and have it pay off in creating a rich LIFE that makes you happy. You and Brian and rich together, and as we all know, wealth is WAY more about quality of life than any materialistic stuff. I so admire your encourage in stepping out as an entrapreneur. (sp?)

  2. Jill Felska Says:

    I always love meeting other people who’ve been inspired by Barbara’s book! I picked it up while working a job I hated straight out of college. I read it everyday for a month while taking the bus into work. It not only inspired me, it was what got me out of bed in the morning. 

    I can not say I’m a fellow JJ and couldn’t be happier. I’ve learned more in two years as an entrepreneur than I ever did through college. Here’s to making our own lives and following our own passions!


  3. Jill Felska Says:

    And by not, I mean now! :)

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