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Deep but Beautiful Indeed

It is snowing like a 1950’s Christmas movie here. It was normal, sparse snow until about 1 pm or so, but it got more dense all day. I am not a fan of winter, to say the least, but this snow is gorgeous. It helps that it stayed about freezing all day, and there was little wind until dinnertime.

When the streetlights shine near this snow, the undisturbed spots sparkle like glitter. Flakes on my mittens look like perfect miniature crystal artforms. Sound is muffled, and it is magical. That is, when you are not driving.

At 1:30, the main roads were damp but the side roads were ice rinks. We park on a very short street, and as I pulled away from my home, an SUV was helplessly driving an S-shaped path, using two full lanes on a two-lane street, barely stopping in time to avoid a collision with me. I saw his face in horror just before he stopped.

It’s actually better when the main roads are also slow, because then folks realize that prudence is essential. Four-wheel drive is no good once a skid starts.

I was out until about 7pm or so. On the way home, even the ambulance route on Michigan Avenue was white rather than wet. I took the main downtown artery, I-496, for a mile or so from Frandor shopping center to the Pennsylvania exit. Nobody was going over 35MPH. Excellent!

I got home safely.


Brian also got home safely:


4 Responses to “Deep but Beautiful Indeed”

  1. Rachel Says:

    I think it is important to remember the rhythm of the season to avoid cabin fever and grumpiness. Around here there may be snow at halloween, a white Christmas is 50/50 and in the middle to late January there is a thaw and it gets warm enough to only need a light jacket. Then February comes and there is two feet of snow until mid March. You spend the early part of winter wondering if there will ever be snow and the later wondering when it will leave. At the moment I am enjoying the beauty and trying to plan errands so I only need to clean off the car once a day.

  2. Diana Troldahl Says:

    We got the most snow so far this winter, here. It has been mostly mild and dry-ish. This is the first time Oscar has had out shovel out much.
    We were lucky. Today we will spend at home, and I will knit something just for fun, that I can do while being distracted by my beloved guy.

  3. Mom Says:

    The snow looks so pretty, crisp and clean. I never liked to drive in winter weather. I am SO happy you were able to miss a crash. Hang in there and stay safe. Much love to keep you warm.

  4. flagman Says:

    the snow look deep for lansing. but it was not long until sring come i hope it come.

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