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Ann Arbor, My Kind of Town

Tuesday I went to Ann Arbor to meet my knitting friends. See the table full? This is the small group, the folks who meet away from Borders on the 5th week. I love this group, just love them. I wish I could let you meet them all one at a time but I can’t and the picture must do. Trust me, they are great people. Lots of variety, lots of passion for handwork.

Here are also some photos I took of the streets of Ann Arbor. It was twilight but I have brightened up the photos with the miracle of PhotoShop again. You can tell, though, the lights on cars and streets were shining at that point. Notice that even though it was getting dark, there are all sorts of folks walking around on the streets doing whatever they were doing. Some folks were at sidewalk cafe’s. This last photo shows a woman on the left, who isn’t with our Borders group (yet, we did invite her to our show and tell and to our next meeting), sitting at a sidewalk table outside Eastern Accents.

After the event was over, I went to Zingermans “Next Door” coffeehouse (thus named because it is next door to Zingerman’s Deli, not next door to Eastern Accents) and got some Organic Hujicha tea to go, and a piece of cherry pie for my beloved hubby, Brian. Brian likes pie! Anyone would like *this* pie, I’m sure of it. Quality is the byword at Zingermans, and I appreciate that.

The area where the photos come from, is 4th Avenue(?) just north of William. I think this area has had worse times… the YMCA and bus station are within a few blocks, but both have been beautifully renovated in the last few years and there are other signs of vibrant life on the street. Just see all the folks walking around!!!

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