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Wheatland 2004, Overview

Well, we did our annual trip to Wheatland Music Festival this weekend. As always, I loved the friendship and music and struggled with the camping and porta-potties. It was great fun in spite of my grumpy acceptance of the sleeping quarters (tent with slightly leaky air mattress). The company is so very good, and this year it was not too cold to play music at night. I really enjoyed playing music a lot this year. And the food… the people we camp with are such good cooks! That is always a major treat.

We lucked out this year with weather. It was a bit chilly the first night, better the second night, and sunny and gorgeous all three days. The second night was great, we stayed out until 2:30am playing music before we started to feel cold (I was wearing a *lot* of wool, but not as much as last year when it got down to about 42 degrees at night). On our way home just before dusk, we hit some rainstorms in Mt. Pleasant, which is the northeast corner of our driving path. That was the only rain we saw all weekend, and since I saw almost all of it safe from inside a car, I was just fine with that.

Sunday we got home at dusk, I made dinner, we dragged all the camping gear and clothing in from the car, took baths, and then promptly discovered some problems connecting to the internet, for no apparent reason. I maintain two phone lines, two modems, two internet service providers I can call to connect (when you make part of your business on the internet, you can’t afford to lose your connection for any reason). We tried all sorts of combinations, but it was very slow going getting all my email downloaded… it either would not connect or it would disconnect a little while after connecting. Thank goodness, it seems to have fixed itself!

The two photographs I’ll share with you today, are Brian and I performing at the Open Mic stage in the Middleground area of the festival… and a child who was with our group of campers, showing off her felt purse she made (also at Middleground, which is sort of a festival within a festival aimed at activities younger folks would enjoy). She made the felt and then sewed it together and sewed embellishments on it.

The child is also sporting the unofficial clothing of Wheatland Music Festival. It seems that one out of three people walking around the festival, is wearing some sort of tie dye. Color reigns at Wheatland! It’s a lovely change of pace.

I’ll write more in detail Monday. Thanks for coming by!

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