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Spring has Sprung???

We just finished up a gorgeous week here in Lansing, Michigan. The sun shone day after day and it took less than a week to melt piles and piles of snow.


The nights were cold, so we did not get too wet (Sycamore Creek was over its banks, though). The days were sunny and warm. This means good maple syrup weather, and I seem to remember that last year was bad here for that. Yippee for the maple folks around this area! I love to support their work.


I showed you images of snow piles and blankets everywhere, on Sunday, March 7. I saw my first flower blooming that day in my south side yard. By 9 days later, Tuesday the 16th, I had both violets and myrtle/periwinkle groundcover blooming, and several daffodils working hard to develop buds.


Friend Cynthia and I walked Tuesday. We saw the robin shown above, early on the walk.  Later Cynthia spotted this lovely flying thing… I think it’s a moth from what I can see of its body, but it may be a butterfly. (Edited to add: Beth commented that it is a Mourning Cloak Butterfly. Thank you, Beth!) We spent a lot of time watching it sun its wings, and taking as many photos as possible. What a delight.

We also saw tiny little clouds of some sort of bug, as we crossed the river. It was as springlike a day as could be imagined, and really far too early to believe that sort of weather was here for good. Early enough to really appreciate it.


Last year the winter seemed positively mean. It did start late, but when it got going, we did not have any thaws. It kept going and going long beyond when it seemed reasonable. Yes, cold is good for the knitting business, and I benefit. However, a few breathers would be normal for Lansing. Last year we got none. This year, we got a huge one early in March. LOVE IT.

On Wednesday, I took photos of violets (above) and myrtle/periwinkle flowers (below) in my side yard. By Friday, the violets had become so prolific that you could see purple from the sidewalk, there was no need to examine the ground looking for blooms.


Wednesday I took this photo a block or two from Foster Community Center, not long before sundown. This garden is in a little protected nook on the West side of a small lot. Just LOOK at all the flowers!!!

I did not get close enough to see what sort of plant they were. I guessed crocus at first, but maybe this is a bulb I’ve not yet learned about.


Friday was amazing. It was so warm one could unzip the coat. It was sunny and gorgeous all day. However, by 7pm the sun had ducked behind thin cloudcover and there was a stiff breeze. The temperature fell almost immediately.

You know where this is heading… our warm days of rest were over for a while. Here was the view out our front door on Saturday morning:


For the record, Saturday was officially the first day of spring. And to be fair, I can not remember an April where I did not see at least a few flakes of snow flurries before snow was gone for the year.

It is not very cold, really. The temperatures are hovering not far from freezing at night, and it sounds like Sunday will get up high enough to melt the thin bits of snow we had from Saturday. Spring is truly here, but it’s doing its normal dance. Two steps forward, one step back, repeat.

I think I’m OK with that. I got a bit o’sun last week. That will last me a while!!!

One Response to “Spring has Sprung???”

  1. Beth Says:

    The butterfly in this post is a Mourning Cloak. Terrific photo! In summer they fly so fast it’s almost impossible to id them.

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