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Another Andean Hat

Hi, friends. We got back from Ukulele Expo in the Pocanos, at 4am Sunday night/Monday Morning. It was great, we loved it, I took a good number of pictures when I wasn’t playing/singing music.

However, I need to catch up on business today. I just can’t spend the time I would need to do a good reporting of the event. Therefore, here is another hat I got the same day I got the one I showed you on September 17.

This one is knit so tightly you can’t really see the stitches well. It is just an amazing example of how knitting could look if we chose to spend the time. I’m honored to be the keeper of this piece. I took a detail shot of the flap as well, so you can see more. Perhaps you can see that this ear flap has been repaired at least twice. The original sewing appears to be white, and the repairs were made once with burgundy thread/yarn and once with green. Also notice in the top photo, that the little decorative strands/pompoms were attached in two different ways, which also appears to be a repair.

Again, the knitting is without compare, yet the sewing is rough and crude. I love this piece, the knitting is museum-quality work if you ask me.

Notice that there are many rows with three colors in a row. Also notice that this ear flap is knit mostly in stockinette (of my four hats of this type, two have flaps fully garter stitch and the other is at least half garter). I have heard that they purl from the inside of a circular knitted piece, and they don’t typically use a knit stitch at all. (The pictures I’ve seen show them tensioning their yarn around their neck, which I’ve tried and it certainly makes purling easier than knitting.) Yet, the flat stockinette I see in these hats may mean that my information is wrong and at least some of the more expert knitters do both knit and purl stitches.

The last few rows of border on this hat were knit in garter stitch, which makes me think that the flap was knit back and forth with knit and purl stitches, finishing flat with all purl or all knit stitches. I’m not a curator or historian, I just love wonderful knitting, so I don’t have all the answers. I do know I can love these without knowing the full story.

I’ll be back with news of the weekend when I can get all the photos sorted and edited. That may be a few days.

4 Responses to “Another Andean Hat”

  1. Charlotte Says:

    I’m curious … did you get your skirt finished which you were knitting for the Uke festival?

  2. loretta Says:

    that is absolutely beautiful

  3. Diana Troldahl Says:

    I love this hat!

  4. Kenneth Curfman Says:

    Any idea how I can get a hat like that? Thanks,


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